Purchasing Options

There are two ways in which you may acquire one of Mayfair's series of delightful garden structures:

1 ) Design only

You may order the design package which includes design drawings, working drawings, specifications and assembly instructions.

2 ) Complete site installation

Mayfair can supply and install the complete structure on your site, with our highly skilled construction crew. Under normal circumstances, we can offer this service only in our home area of Toronto and the surrounding areas of south-central Ontario. Exceptions can occasionally be made , by special arrangement.

Design Options

1) Minor custom design

All of Mayfair's garden structures may be customized. This may entail a simple adjustment to dimensions, or the adding of additional windows to an enclosed structure. It may also involve more comprehensive design work; for example, one might combine a garden house and a pergola to create a more complex and interesting pool side pavilion.

Projects with minor custom design can be purchased design only, or with full site installation. The cost of all custom design work is quoted on a project by project basis

2) Major custom design

We at Mayfair take considerable pride in our creative ability, and we do love a challenge. Do you visualize a two storey coach house to complement your Tudor home? Or perhaps a Japanese tea house beside your garden pond? Wherever you are, and whatever you imagine as the centrepiece of your garden, let us help you bring it to reality.

Depending on the size and complexity of the final design, we can offer you complete installation services in the Toronto-centered area. The cost of such custom design work is quoted on a project by project basis.

General Information:

1 ) If you acquire our design only package, we advise you to check for compliance with your local building code. We also urge you to use the services of a skilled local contractor to assemble your Mayfair garden structure to the ideal standards of workmanship.

2 ) Clients who purchase the 'design only' package will be given full credit for this cost if they later purchase the full installation package

3 ) All designs in this web page, and all additional designs and custom designs developed by Mayfair Conservatories Inc., are the copyright property of Christopher Wallace Architect and Mayfair Conservatories Inc. of Port Hope, Ontario.